Fox News Is Floating A Close Friend Of Mike Pence To Be FBI Director

Catherine Herridge: John Pistole Has “A Pretty Tight Relationship With The Vice President”

From the May 9 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier:

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CATHERINE HERRIDGE: We also discussed what the succession might look like with Comey effectively fired by the president. And he said if it was standard procedure, it would be the Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Andrew McCabe would come to this position, critics would argue, with a lot of baggage. And that goes back to 2015 when Andrew McCabe 's wife, Dr. Jill McCabe received $700,000 for a state senate run that she eventually lost, and that money came from Virginia Democrats and specifically a PAC that was controlled by a longtime Clinton ally, Terry McAuliffe. If McCabe was jumped over by the Attorney General and his deputy, the next person in line would be an associate deputy director, Dave Bowdich. He is someone who doesn't seem to have any, sort of, touch if you will with the email or Russia probe. But served himself very well in the course of the San Bernardino investigation.

And not to get too far over the tip of our skis here, but if you want to call this sort of the rummant piece of intelligence, one name seems to be circulating already. I'm not saying it's under consideration but it's a name that's already  coming to mind with some former career FBI officials, and that's John Pistole. John Pistole is a former TSA administrator. And he left that job about two years ago, two three years ago. And the reason they're talking about that name is because he's got decades of experience as an FBI agent and he is an Indiana guy. And has apparently a pretty tight relationship with the Vice President. So that's a name that's already out there circulating and we'll try to get in touch with John Pistole this evening to see if this is something he would even consider. People already looking ahead as to the person who can really restore public trust in the FBI after the firing of James Comey.


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