Fox News' Eric Bolling Ignores His Own Birther Past, Declares Trump Birtherism Story Over

Bolling: “He Dismissed It Appropriately In 25 Seconds. It’s Done. It’s Gone” 

From the September 16 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor:

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GERALDO RIVERA: Well I think that you are not emphasizing strongly enough what a gift Donald Trump gave to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton had not just two bad weeks she had two horrifying weeks. On Sunday, on 9/11 she collapsed on video. People looked at her as frail and elderly. Everybody was talking about is she fit, physically fit to be president of the United States? Now what are they going to be talking about, not about her fitness. Not about any of the other scandals that continue to plague her. They are going to be talking about Donald Trump and birtherism. 

BILL O'REILLY (HOST): That's going to die out now  that he won't address it anymore. Don't you think so Bolling?

ERIC BOLLING: He was smart took 20 to 25 seconds, he got rid of it, he dismissed and moved on. She is on the ropes. She's on the ropes for --


He has a 36-hour news cycle all about him. He dismissed it appropriately in 25 seconds. It's done. It's gone.


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