Fox News Contributor Warns Sexual Assault Allegations May “Backfire” And Turn Trump Into A “Victim”

From the October 13 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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MARTHA MACCALLUM (CO-HOST): So, what do you think? What about the latest, Monica?

MONICA CROWLEY: Well, good morning, Martha. This looks like a classic political hit job on Donald Trump. Clearly, that this is a coordinated attack on him. We know from the WikiLeaks disclosures, there is coordinated collusion between the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media, including organs like the New York Times. I think they ought to be very careful proceeding. Number one, Donald Trump has said, “this is complete fiction,” and he intends to pursue legal action, possibly. But the more important thing, I think they need to be very careful about going forward with these stories on Donald Trump is two-fold. One, Bill Clinton has his own history with women which Mrs. Clinton has been allegedly involved in the efforts to destroy the women who have accused her husband, and she's the one on the ballot. But more importantly, I think, this has the potential to backfire and turn Donald Trump into a sympathetic figure. That if voters take a look at this and perceive this as a massive pile-on on Donald Trump, in a coordinated way that we just laid out here, it could turn him into a sympathetic victim -- figure. And a victim, Donald Trump as a victim, which would be to his benefit.


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