Fox Hosts React To Trump's Non-Apology Video: “It Was Almost Painful To Watch Him Say That”

John Roberts: “This Is The Sort Of Thing That Can Bring A Campaign Down”

From the October 8 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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ARTHEL NEVILLE (CO-HOST): The Trump campaign, Donald Trump, is in full damage control today, following the release of 2005 audio clip in which a hot mic picks up Donald Trump making disparaging and vulgar comments about women, and Trump addressing the controversy in a recorded statement that was released just moments ago.

And our John Roberts is with the Trump campaign, of course. Let us hear -- listen to the tape first, then we'll get to John Roberts.


NEVILLE: For the first time, we have heard Donald Trump say “I'm sorry, I apologize.”

GREGG JARRETT (CO-HOST): He's never said that before. What was striking about that statement -- it was so stilted, and he was so clearly reading a TelePrompter. He's not terribly skilled at reading a TelePrompter, to begin with.


JARRETT: But that was almost by rote, it was almost painful to watch him say that. And it was also painful to see him say the word I apologize --

NEVILLE: I apologize -- he promises to be a better man, he says.

JARRETT: Because he has always refused to apologize for anything and everything.


JOHN ROBERTS: I've heard from officials in the party and in the campaign that he's not planning on dropping out, he's going to stay in. But this is perhaps the biggest crisis that this campaign faced so far, with this videotape surfacing after so long.

And apparently it was just sitting in NBC's archives for years and years and years, and somebody went -- who remembered it went back and took a look at it. This is the sort of thing that can bring a campaign down.


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