Fox Hosts Praise Trump For His “Strongest” Debate Performance Yet

Bret Baier: “Trump Probably Having The Best 30 Minutes That He's Had On Policy And Making His Argument As Cogently As He Can”

From Fox News' October 19 post-debate coverage:

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BRET BAIER (CO-HOST):  A fiery debate throughout. This time focusing a lot, much more like a traditional Republican-Democrat debate on policy issues. Donald Trump probably having the best 30 minutes that he's had on policy and making his argument as cogently as he can. Of all three debates, really hitting hard on a number of the issues we talked about going in. If you are a Hillary Clinton fan, you say she came to this debate well-prepared with lines ready to go. If you don't like Hillary Clinton, you say she sounded rehearsed. And the back and forth there with the Clinton Foundation, something that had not been asked about in the previous debates, she seemed not to answer the question about pay to play that was posed a couple of times by Chris Wallace. Overall, is it enough for Donald Trump to move the needle? Has he talked to enough people to move the ball in this election that's heading her way? She clearly phrased a lot of her answers to women, minorities, LGBT. She hit the areas that she needed to hit.

MEGYN KELLY (CO-HOST): And Donald Trump obviously in a stronger position in terms of that 90 minutes than we've seen him in previous debates. It was as if he had a crescendo over the last three, starting off a little rocky, getting a little stronger, and then tonight I think you can say was easily his strongest performance of the three. Sparring with Hillary, not taking the bait every time she threw it. Bringing up the emails, staying on the foundation, throwing back in her face the disclosures that we've learned over the past two days about Project Veratas about the role that the Democrats had in stirring up trouble at some of his campaign rallies, as we've been reporting on earlier this evening.


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