Fox Hosts Defend Trump Administration's Proposed Muslim Registry: “Whatever They Decide” Will Be Constitutional

Greg Gutfeld: “If Your Religion Is Connected To Extreme, Apocalyptic Violence, You Should Be Next”

From the November 17 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE (CO-HOST): As a candidate, now President-elect Donald Trump highlighted his plan to enforce extreme vetting of immigrants coming to the U.S. from countries compromised by terrorism. Now, we are hearing reports that it might indeed happen. Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state and one of president-elect Trump's advisers is reportedly saying that the Trump team will screen people coming to America from Muslim countries. Alrigfht, so Eric, how about this development? This is one of the things he talked about.

ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): He did, and there were several different iterations of what this actually means. Is it every single -- is there a registry? Is it every single Muslim that enters the country gets put on some sort of registry? Is it only Muslims that come from countries that are state sponsors of terror? That's another level, and I think they're still working out the details.

Kobach has one idea, Higbie has another idea, some of the other people are -- I saw Steve King say maybe yes, maybe we need a registry. Who knows? It depends who ends up getting that job, and how they're working with the president, however he wants to administer it. I mean, I do think it's constitutional, whatever they decide, any of those options.


GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): The one point that you have to make clear, because -- before the media destroys this, Islamism has changed immigration, not the reverse. You know, it's not immigration acting on a toxic doctrine. The toxic doctrine is causing us to rethink immigration. It's a modern threat from old ideas, and they've made clear their goal of what they want to do, we would be foolish not to address it. There are two threats, the immediate threat that I always talk about, the marriage of terror to technology. It's not going to be a box-cutter, it will be a drone and anthrax combined. That's the immediate threat.

The long-term threat, which is a lot of -- a lot of, you know, people are talking about, what is the long-term effect of an intolerant system when it blends in a republic or democracy over time? Over decades? How does it change the culture? Things that you normally accept, what happens to those things? That's the long-term, apocalyptic look, but it's scary either way, and I don't think you have much time. I think this is a race against time. It takes one agent to ruin a city.


JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): And today, you heard some Jewish leaders say if they start a registry of Muslims, they're going to sign up, because who comes after the Muslims, you know? You know, it's like suddenly, “hey, I don't want to do this because I know I might be next.”

GUTFELD: Well, if your religion is connected to extreme, apocalyptic violence, you should be next.


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