Fox Host: When Is The RNC Going To Get Behind Trump?

Harris Faulkner: “What Is It Going To Take? Because If They Are A Party Of The People, And He's Got All The People, I Am Curious”

From the September 15 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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ANDREA TANTAROS: I mean Harris, I joke that he's Teflon Don. And looking at some of these polls, in the one that I cited - 54% said he's not qualified. Not only does he not care what Democrats and independents think at this present moment, I'm not so certain that's what people are interested in. It's like the attack he's not conservative enough. People don't care about that. There's something about the fact that his name is not Bush and it's not Clinton, and he's an outsider.

HARRIS FAULKNER: You know, after watching last night, and it was so far the longest speech by any of the GOP presidential candidates to date in this particular race for 2016. And people stuck. They stuck. They cried, they wept, they laughed, they had every emotion in that audience, they were hanging on every word. It was really interesting to watch the faces of the crowd along with his. I start to question the Republican party right now. He is the frontrunner, yet I hear some Republicans complaining about he's soaking up all the airtime. I've heard you say, 'Why should anybody complain about that, that's what you've been crying for for years, that Republicans would get more spotlight.' So when is the RNC, when is Reince Priebus, when are some of the more establishment people within the GOP going to get behind Donald Trump? I'm really curious. You've got a guy who's holding a third almost of polling right now in popularity yet I don't see that. So what is it going to take? Because if they are a party of the people. and he's got all the people. I am curious.


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