Fox Host: Trump's “Masterful” Attack On Clinton's Bathroom Break Makes Her Look Like A “Whiny, Weak Female”

Andrea Tantaros: “She Looks Very, Very Weak and Victim-Like”

From the December 22 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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HARRIS FAULKNER (HOST): Donald Trump, talking about -- and I don't know if you guys watched it. Saturday night, the debate, there was a little bathroom break with Hillary Clinton. Watch. 


ANDREA TANTAROS (HOST): He shouldn't have said it. He -- I think that he doesn't need to say those type of things, because he knows that historically Hillary likes to play the victim, and he knows that now her campaign's talking about this. But this campaign season's different. People don't care about political correctness. They don't. And, frankly, I think what he's doing may be smart because it baits Hillary to come out and look like a wimp. A whiny, weak female. And her campaign has to make up its mind. Is she a strong leader who can handle criticism about going to the potty or not? Or is she a victim? Can she handle ISIS or can't she? And you know what, Trump knows that and he's baiting her and it's masterful. I have to say. She's going to lose this one. 


TANTAROS: She looks very, very weak and victim-like. And in this environment, that is a losing strategy. 


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