Fox Host: Trump's Anti-Muslim Comments Make Him “Bigoted”

From the March 11 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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SANDRA SMITH: Clearly Rubio confronting Donald Trump there.

GILLIAN TURNER: Yeah, despite the civility and new tone and tenor of the debate, which I'm one of the voters you mentioned who is really happy to see that, some substance in there, Rubio delivered some really heavy-hitting punches last night. So I think there is a lot to kind of for people of rally around him about there. I think that -- I disagree with Mr. Krauthammer respectfully. I think there were some missed opportunities but not of the kind he was pointing out. Not from being, from the discourse being civil. I think there was a missed opportunity for some of the opposition to stand up and say to Mr. Trump, look, hating all Muslims is not something that makes you politically incorrect. It is actually something that makes you bigoted.


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