Fox Host: Stopping Trump From Getting The GOP Nomination Is An Attempt To “Stop The Will Of The American People”

From the March 14 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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SANDRA SMITH: One has to ask, Andrea, if some of these candidates need a reality check. Kasich over the weekend saying, referring to Donald Trump, he's not going to be the nominee and whoever is the nominee will shape the Republican Party. I mean, to so boldly say that he will not be there, when he's leading in every major state poll heading into Tuesday.

ANDREA TANTAROS: Not only do they need reality check, they're saying things like, we can take this from him. I mean, they're actively admitting that they are going to stop the will of the American people. And if you try and, and be careful Lou, because you're doing the same thing, if you try and actually analyze this, they'll say you're a Trump supporter. And all you're doing is trying to say let the people have their say.


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