Fox Host: Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump Seem “A Little Coordinated” And “A Little Too Convenient” 

Scott: “I Talked To A Guy” Who Suggested That These Women Are “Basically Embellishing The Stories” 

From the October 13 edition of Fox News' Happening Now

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JON SCOTT (HOST): The fact that it wasn't just the [New YorkTimes [that reported on allegations of sexual assault by Donald Trump]. There are three newspapers that come out separately with accounts of different women who say that Donald Trump made unusual or unwanted advances. The fact that those three separate papers all come out at once seems a little coordinated, seems a little too convenient. 


SCOTT: I talked to a guy who has prosecuted a bunch of sex crime cases, he's a prosecutor, and he said that adults don't tend to hold back on these stories and suggested that, as Julian [Epstein] said, that maybe the revelations from the Access Hollywood tape all of a sudden sort of caused a bunch of people to run forward with -- with accounts, stories, whatever you want to call them that sort of fits the MO that they heard -- suggesting that they're basically embellishing the stories. 


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