Fox host says Trump “can't hijack” the 4th of July because “you can't hijack something you already own”

From the July 3 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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JESSE WATTERS (HOST, WATTERS' WORLD; CO-HOST, THE FIVE): You can't hijack something you already own. The last time I checked, the president is an American, and he's an American president. But the left falls into this trap all the time. You know, they did this with the kneeling over the national anthem, they're against whatever he does, and now they just look unpatriotic. People still don't understand this president. He adores the military, he's very patriotic, he relishes being the commander in chief, and he's very into the pomp and the pageantry. So to also complain about the price tag is funny, since the Green New Deal costs $100 trillion. I don't really see what the big deal is. It's a celebration of America. 


MELISSA FRANCIS (CO-HOST): For [Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC)] to say that he's politicized it before he's even opened up his mouth, so she's just like not even going to listen to the speech or look at the program? Or listen or watch before you decide that it's already politicized. 

JESSICA TARLOV (CO-HOST): I think what the congresswoman is referring to -- and we discussed this quite heatedly yesterday on the couch. ... You have, you know, VIP tickets for RNC members and donors. The DNC so far has not been allotted any tickets, which obviously shows that there's a partisan bias to this. 

WATTERS: That's traditional. 

TARLOV: That's not -- that there's a partisan bias? 

WATTERS: No, when there's usually a big celebration like this --

TARLOV: For the American --

WATTERS: The party in power hands out VIP tickets to their people. 

TARLOV: Oh, my God. OK, so, Jesse Watters has proven my point here because Democratic presidents don't do this. Reallocating --

WATTERS: JFK did it. JFK did it at his inauguration. They had cannons, they had military members --

TARLOV: At his inauguration? We're talking about the 4th of July, Jesse. I know you're playing this game, and you're very quick and witty and I get it. But we're talking about the 4th of July, we're not talking about an inauguration. You can't politicize it. It's supposed to be a time for all Americans to come out and celebrate our birth. 


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