Fox Host Finds Clinton's Phone Interviews “Disconcerting” After Trump Spent Hours Calling Into Network

Fox News host Jon Scott called Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton's recent phone interviews “disconcerting” and “weird” after presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spent hours calling into the network. In March, Fox allowed Trump to phone in to the network for more than three hours, more time than any other network allowed him to call in and also more time than Trump spent doing in-person Fox interviews. From the June 3 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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JUDITH MILLER: [Hillary Clinton is] countering Donald Trump's omnipresence on broadcast media and in the newspapers. She's finally figured out that if people aren't talking about you, they're not going to like you anymore. So yes, she's being more assertive. She's actually calling in to broadcast networks and cable news stations. She's given two very strong speeches, and she's honing in on what I think is going to be her main campaign theme, which is Donald Trump is temperamentally unsuited to the presidency, he is dangerous. So it'll be “Crooked Hillary” versus “Dangerous Donald.” Let's see who wins that one. 

JON SCOTT (HOST): It's going to be interesting. I found it a little, I don't know, disconcerting to listen to her call into those shows. Maybe it's just because I'm not used to it, maybe because she hasn't really done it before, Cal, but I just thought it was weird.

CAL THOMAS: Well this is new for the Democrats, Jon. They're used to slinging charges and conveying charges through the media against Republicans and having the Republicans scurry for cover, much like what happens at 3 a.m. when you turned your light on in the kitchen in Texas and all the roaches had for the exits. So this is something totally new to them.