Fox Host Eric Bolling Downplays Deficit Spending Now That There's A Republican President

Eboni Williams: “The Policy Here Remains Somewhat The Same, But The Messenger Does Make A Difference, And That's The Sad Truth.”

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GREG GUTFELD: You know what's interesting is [Trump is] tangling up the normal patterns of opposition where there used to be left and right. When you bring up infrastructure, Democrats love to spend, so when they hear infrastructure, they get very excited. 

EBONI WILLIAMS: Softens the palette. 

GUTFELD: So what happens to the conservative deficit hawks? Where are those guys? So he starts to create these different oppositions that didn't really exist before. 


DANA PERINO: We made a lot of fun of President Obama for shovel-ready projects --


PERINO: That weren't there. So there's some work that needs to be done to figure out what the mayors and the governors what actually needs to be --

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Hook up that pipeline, Keystone Pipeline. 

ERIC BOLLING: And senior adviser Steve Bannon who's spent many many years on Wall Street, went to Harvard, very, very smart guy. He said, he makes a very good point. If you're going to borrow, if you're going to deficit spend, it's borrowing. Do it when the interest rates are low like they are right now, and there's a lot of indication interest rates may be rising soon.

GUILFOYLE: Does that make sense? 

PERINO: Don't you think the fed will do that before --

BOLLING: It makes a lot of sense. 


GUTFELD: But if Obama had done that we would have crucified him.

WILLIAMS: But that's the point, right Greg, is that Obama -- the policy here remains somewhat the same, but the messenger does make a difference, and that's the sad truth.

GUILFOYLE: I would have loved Obama if he cut taxes and got rid of the IRS.

GUTFELD: But his spending, remember, we were going to shut down the government over spending. 


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