Fox Host Dismisses Controversy Around Comey Firing Because “Everyone In America Loves Watching People Get Fired”

Jesse Watters: “People Sent Trump To Say 'You're Fired'”

From the May 10 edition of Fox News' The Five

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GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): If he wanted the Russian story to go away, firing an investigator wouldn't be the way to do it. But he must've been aware of that. Of course he would know that that would do that but he did it anyway. Is there some kind of plan that we're not seeing? That he's actually got something up his sleeve?

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): Yes, it's a grand plan that we all can't see. I don't think he cared about the optics because I don't believe he thinks there is a Russian scandal. So then why cater to it? And everybody likes to say, he's not a normal president. Well, America didn't want a normal president, that's why we elected Donald Trump because normal hasn't been working for a lot of people. And let's remember, people sent Trump to Washington to say, “you're fired.” He had a hit show about this. Everybody in America loves watching people get fired. Yes, it wasn't like, the classiest way to do it, but I think this sends a message to a lot of haters out there. Even in the federal government right now, you better watch your back or you're going to get canned. Let's also remember, Comey works for us. We don't work for Comey. So if he's doing a bad job, let him go.


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