Fox host criticizes Joe Biden for attacking Trump's Charlottesville comments, claims Biden “upset a lot of people” 

Charles Payne: “Some folks are wondering if he should have come into this race with a more optimistic look” 

From the April 29 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto

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DOUG SCHOEN (GUEST): I'd say Biden has come out of the box pretty darn well. I thought the exchange with the president today was to his advantage. I think his talking about Charlottesville made sense. He's leading but it is an open race-- 

CHARLES PAYNE (GUEST HOST): But he started with the Charlottesville thing which upset a lot of people because it, you know, it's one of these things, where if you listen to the entire interview, you know, it doesn't -- there are parts in that interview where President Trump clearly says 'hey, you know what? I'm not talking about these separatists.' And some folks are wondering if he should have come into this race with a more optimistic look. And I mean is this going to be about President Trump's character, is it going to be a Twitter war between these two? 


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