Fox Host: Clintons Have Set Bar So Low, Only “Wearing A Swastika” Would Hurt Trump In Debates

Melissa Francis: “If He Doesn't Walk In... Wearing A Swastika, Then I Don't Think That It's Going To Look Like A Victory” For Clinton 

From the September 15 edition of Fox News' The Five

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MELISSA FRANCIS: I don't know, whenever somebody starts falling below in the line, they start parsing down below to find is there any good news in here anywhere. What I think is interesting about the race is it has been more elastic than almost any I've seen. Where somebody's way ahead and they can't come back and then somebody else is way ahead and the other side can't come back. So I wouldn't count anyone out. I think Trump very much has the momentum right now. I agree with you that I think it is all about that first debate. The problem is that the Clintons have set the bar so low for Donald Trump that if he doesn't walk in sort of frothing at the mouth and, you know wearing a swastika, then I don't think, you know, that it's going to look like a victory. 


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