Fox Host: Blaming Trump For Violence At Rallies Is Like “Blam[Ing] The Girl If She's Wearing Too Short Of A Dress For The Rape”

Eric Bolling: “How Is It Donald Trump's Fault?”

From the March 14 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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ERIC BOLLING (HOST): Protest is protected speech. But they're not allowed to do what they did on Friday night. They shouldn't go into  -- or they can't go into an arena, that was paid for, rented by a group and then shut down free speech. That's impinging on Donald Trump and the pro-Trump people's right to free speech.  So they've gone from protests to, non-violent protest they changed the rules. They went inside. I would say they would be inciting the violence by going inside and doing what they did shutting down the free speech. It's disrupting the peace and I think that's a crime if I'm not mistaken, that's a crime. But blaming Donald Trump for violence that occurs at or outside of one of his speeches is like blaming the -- you know, the old blame the girl if she's wearing too short of a dress for the rape. How is it her fault if she's doing something that does something to someone else, how is it Donald Trump's fault if there's a protest and two people get into it outside a protest? I think it's the same thing. 


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