Fox guest falsely claims Trump Jr. can hide behind attorney-client privilege regarding talks with his father

Buck Sexton: People are criticizing Trump Jr. just because “some people hate Trump”

From the December 7 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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BUCK SEXTON: Well, there's a pretty straightforward answer to the question, if we know all the facts, on whether it was a privileged communication or not. I saw a lot of people on social media like, “Trump's not a lawyer. Donald Trump Jr.'s not a lawyer.” That has nothing to do with it. The lawyers that are present for the discussion, depending on their relationship to the two individuals -- I believe they're campaign lawyers. If they're there talking in their capacity, meaning Trump and Trump Jr., about the campaign or any related issues, and the lawyers are present, then it is, in fact, privileged. So it's not even that there's some bizarre standard that's being applied here. They just -- some people hate Trump [INAUDIBLE].


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