On Fox, Former DOJ Lawyer Debunks Fox's Attack On Comey For Not Sharing Trump Memo Earlier

Michael Zeldin: Senior DOJ Officials Comey Might Have Reported To Were Compromised, And Widely Sharing The Memo Could Have Interfered With The Ongoing Investigation

From the May 17 edition of Fox News' America's News HQ:

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MELISSA FRANCIS (HOST): Michael, did [former FBI Director James] Comey have an obligation, if he felt like it was obstruction, to go to an ethics official, to go to Justice, to say or do something? 

MICHAEL ZELDIN: Well, a couple of things. First is, he said that he went to senior FBI officials. We don't know who those officials are, so we don't know whether he went to an ethics officer or didn't go to an ethics officer. With respect to going to the Department of Justice itself, you've got a recused attorney general, you've got a deputy attorney general who perhaps is a witness in this case because of his prior memo alleging that the firing was based on poor Hillary Clinton's situation. So it may be that he says, “I have no one to go to in Justice. I went to senior people in the FBI, names to be disclosed at some point.” 


ZELDIN: “And I didn't want to interfere with the ongoing investigation of the agents of these issues by surfacing this,” which is an important factor when you're in the middle of an important investigation. To demoralize your agents in some way by revealing this is a point that has to be taken into account.


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