Fox contributor Mike Huckabee claims FBI officials intended “to stage what essentially amounts to a coup d'etat” against Trump

Mike Huckabee: “This stuff smells worse than a feed lot at a hog farm”

From the December 14 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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MIKE HUCKABEE: [Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein] can hide behind the fact that, “Well, we’re still investigating.” Fine. But at some point we've got to turn the lights on here, and the lights so far don't look real good for the Justice Department. And when you, first of all, have a couple of people who signed up to be on the Mueller investigation who were lovers and you wonder about the interoffice policy about that kind of thing. Secondly, who has time to exchange 10,000 texts? And they weren't simple political opinions. These were texts that went into great detail, speaking of the president in the most incredibly vile, vulgar way, and even talking about how they want to make sure there is an insurance plan to see that he doesn't get elected. Sandra, this is way beyond a political opinion. This is an intent to stage what essentially amounts to a coup d'etat of the highest elected office in the United States of America. 


HUCKABEE: Look, this stuff smells worse than a feed lot at a hog farm. And how anybody can sit there with a straight face during that hearing and say, “Well, we don't see anything here that looks all that nefarious.” Sandra, it's bizarre. And our country really has to have belief and confidence in our Justice Department. I do believe that overwhelmingly the rank and file men and women of the FBI are people of integrity, but at the top, the old saying is a fish rots from the head down. There is something rotten at the head of this fish. 

SANDRA SMITH (HOST): Well, you know what's amazing is that he is still employed there. He is in the Human Resources department. I look at some of the other words that he exchanged. He called the president an idiot, a loathsome human. He has not been removed from working there, Governor. 


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