Fox contributor cheers for Trump's plan to “target” sanctuary cities by moving detained immigrants there

Tom Homan: “I think it was an ingenious move on his part”

From the April 15 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Tom, there's no money in it to actually make this happen. It doesn't look like anything's been drawn up, but the president has not backed away from it. Should he? Is this plausible? 

TOM HOMAN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): It's absolutely plausible. I think -- look, the fact is most of these illegal aliens are already going to sanctuary cities. That's one of the reasons they're coming. They want to get to some place where they can be protected from ICE and get free social benefits. They can get drivers licenses. They can get in college tuition, they can get college assistance. They're going to cities, and these sanctuary cities are one of the reasons they're coming. But what the president did, I thought was ingenious. He called the bluff. He says, you know what, I'm going to send you more. And what he did was he pulled the curtain back on the Democratic leadership showing the hypocrisy that they say they wanted these people in the United States, they want open borders, as long as it's not in my district, as long as it's not in my neighborhood we're fine with it. So I think he pulled the curtain back, and I think it was an ingenious move on his part.


HOMAN: Look. Just so folks don't -- when we talk about the children that come across the border, the unaccompanied alien children, do you know the government pays for them to be transported to any facility within the United States to HHS. Then the government pays again for them to be transported to wherever their parents or sponsors are. So the government is already paying to place those that enter the country illegally where they eventually end up. So this is happening. In the paper several weeks ago, everybody was going crazy, how dare ICE release hundreds of people at the bus station with no place to go. How dare they release them in El Paso where the church is not able to take care of them. So finally, you know, the president says, “OK, well we'll take care of them, we'll send them to their final destination to these sanctuary cities,” and all of a sudden that's a bad thing. So again, this is about they will never agree with this president when it comes to immigration. This is about resistance, this is about giving him a loss on the border. 


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