Fox Contributor Agrees With Trump That The Presidential Debates Should Not Have Moderators

John Bolton: “Who Moderated The Lincoln-Douglas Debates? Nobody.”

From the September 20 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): So, your question was about the vagueness of it all. I guess, looking on the bright side, it means you can cover a lot of topics, but it also leave a lot of room for people to kind of go in one direction and maybe look at the drama more than the substance because it's not being driven by -- and to borrow a word from Josh Earnest today -- the narrative of having more succinct topics.

MEGHAN MCCAIN (CO-HOST): I want to say something that's a little politically incorrect, but one one of the things I'm actually curious about is how healthy Hillary Clinton is going to look, if she's going to get into a coughing fit, if she's going to look tired. I actually think this will be something that's really important and pivotal. Ambassador Bolton, you're shaking your head. Do you agree with me?

JOHN BOLTON: No, I think that's right. I have to say, I don't like these debates at all. I don't like the debates that occurred in the primary season.

FAULKNER: You don’t like the debates?

MCCAIN: You can watch it with me, I make it fun.

BOLTON: I haven't liked it for about 50 years. I think it ought to be a real debate between the candidates. I think Trump is onto something here.

SANDRA SMITH (CO-HOST): Moderators out?

BOLTON: Let me ask you a key question. Who moderated the Lincoln-Douglas debates? Nobody. There was a time keeper. That's all there was, and that's what we ought to go back to.


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