Fox Analyst And Trump Adviser Has Confidence In Trump's Foreign Policy Expertise Because “We Looked At Maps”

From the August 4 edition of Fox News' Happening Now

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JENNA LEE (HOST): Why do have confidence in [Donald Trump], Walid? To think that he, unlike your thoughts on this current administration, would be able to handle these sort of relationships in the Middle East that are quite tenuous at best? 

WALID PHARES: Because I heard him, I met him, we looked at maps, I heard what the partners are saying. He can mobilize public opinion. Remember, one of the problems that President Obama had, and even the last two  years of the presidency of Mr. Bush, they could not mobilize anymore of the American public to confront the threat. We have been de-mobilized. He can mobilize them. As long as he has the right direction and the right experts, of course in the future, then he could do it better than others, in my view.


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