Former CIA Official Calls Out Republicans For Refusing To Use Checks And Balances Against Trump

CNN's Phil Mudd: “This Is About Checks And Balances As Well. When Is Paul Ryan Going To Get A Spine?”

From the May 16 edition of CNN's New Day:

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PHIL MUDD: This is about checks and balances as well. When is Paul Ryan going to get a spine? I'm tired of Republicans saying “we have our lane in the road. I don't have anything to say about what the president did.” In our country checks and balances mean the media, the Congress, the judiciary, the white house, they all check and balance each other. I'm waiting for the speaker to speak because, so far, no spine. 

POPPY HARLOW (CO-HOST): There is a deafening silence from some of this Republican leadership right now. Only this statement out of Paul Ryan's office, two sentences, that's it. 

CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): And the first part wasn't even accurate.

HARLOW: The first part says “we have no way of knowing what happened.” That is just absolutely not -- not the case. The Washington Post is reporting about transcripts from inside the Oval Office.


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