Even Hugh Hewitt Criticized Trump's “Cringe-Worthy” Teleprompter Speech

Hewitt: “I Think Every Republican That Is On The Ballot Across The Country Is Wondering ... Do I Start Calling Around And Finding A Job?”

From the June 7 edition of MSNBC's The Place for Politics:

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HUGH HEWITT: His challenge tonight was to drain the toxicity -- I want to go back to Nicolle Wallace's comments at the beginning of the program tonight. He's entered into the most toxic region of America. He's gotten race wrong three times with his down the Trump tower speech on Mexican illegal immigrants being rapists, with the David Duke KKK comment, and then with the worst 72 hours of his campaign in over the last three days. In this speech, he wasn't just tin-eared, it was cobalt eared at the end when he said, “We will take care of our African-Americans." I actually cringed when I heard that. There was a great three lines in there about Secretary Clinton's foreign policy failures. But I was at the end of this saying, Paul Ryan is still thinking about that I cover that said, “I'm with racist," perhaps the most bludgeoning cover I've seen since the “Drop dead” cover for Gerald Ford. I don’t think he did anything to stop the panic. I'm with James Carville. I think a lot of people are still looking at, the plane is headed towards the mountain. This could be 2006 again. The inflection point today, Brian, I think is, up until today, or over the last 24 to 48 hours, people are thinking, we might lose the Senate, but he might win. If he names a good Vice President, good Sec Def, good Sec State, he could pull this out. And then they began to realize over the last 48 hours, he could lose the House, the Senate, governorships, state legislatures, it's a panic mode. And that speech because the reasons Rachel articulated did not take it away. 

BRIAN WILLIAMS (HOST): So Hugh, what do you do, what does that mean? You can see on radar, the plane headed to the mountain, in your words, what does it mean? 

HEWITT: New pilots. You get a Vice President, you get a Secretary of Defense, you get a Secretary of State, you surround yourselves with a team, because one thing that Carville said, James said this two hours ago, there is no campaign. There isn't -- they had to bring Chris Christie across the river. They had to rush in reinforcements. I assume that Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka were involved, as well. There isn't any structure there. There isn't depth. And the writing in the speech, Chris Matthews is a former ghost writer, so am I, it was just pedestrian. Tell me what we take away from that other than the cringe-worthy moments and the fact that he didn't insult anybody, and he got “PPP” wrong when it was shouted out to him, “TPP,” he said, “PPP.” And I think every Republican that is on the ballot across the country is wondering, do I get my resume better? Do I start calling around and finding a job?


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