Even Conspiracy Theorist Glenn Beck Is Mocking Trump's Vince Foster Conspiracy Theory

From the May 24 edition of CNN's New Day:

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GLENN BECK: I think if anybody said on any angle from any side that they weren't surprised by everything that they have seen in this election, I think they'd be lying to you. I'm surprised daily. Yesterday, we were just saying in a joking fashion, because the first thing -- this is going to be a highly entertaining race -- the first ad that comes out, he calls Bill Clinton a rapist, and we were joking on the air yesterday, how long before he gets to the list of the people that the Clintons have killed. Well, yesterday, he started with Vince Foster. 


ALISYN CAMEROTA (HOST): And just to be clear, Vince Foster committed suicide. There are conspiracy theories, I mean, you know -- I know you were using a shorthand there. 

BECK: I'm not -- we were joking about how long it -- we've talked about that list of I don't even know what it is, 40 people that they killed in a joking fashion. 

CAMEROTA: That's the conspiracy theory. 

BECK: How long would it take?

CAMEROTA: Sure, sure, I get it.

BECK: Right, yea. 


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