Erik Wemple Condemns Trump For Calling CNN’s “100 Percent Bulletproof” Russia Report “Fake News”

The Washington Post's Wemple: “I Don't Know There's A Precedent For It.”

From the January 13 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live with Steve Kornacki:

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STEVE KORNACKI (HOST): In terms of what he's doing here, the press is offering criticism and he is -- as you say, he is going back at them hard. Is there anything inherently wrong with that, or is there an argument to be made that, hey look, he's got the platform, he's being criticized, he can respond however he wants, and people can make of it what they want. 

ERIK WEMPLE: Yes. There is something, I believe, inherently wrong about calling CNN fake news for a story that is 100 percent bulletproof. That story about the meeting, the briefing last week, has held up wonderfully. And for him to tell CNN, fake news, I mean, that's off the hook. I don't know there's a precedent for it. 


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