Eric Bolling on Trump falsely claiming a robbery was a terror attack: “What was the big deal?”

Bolling: “What was the big deal that if one time he called something a terror attack that happened not to be?”

From the June 6 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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KAT TIMPF (CO-HOST): He said that it was -- he said it was a terrorist attack in his speech, even though it wasn't.

TOM FITTON: And he was wrong. So? He was wrong, what's the big deal? But he's also right fundamentally on the issue of terrorism.


TIMPF: So, are you saying that he deserves no blame whatsoever in terms of people saying he can't be trusted to report accurately on terror, when he hasn't accurately reported on terror, as recently as a week ago?

FITTON: Look, he is conveying media links, and then he is being attacked for conveying media links.

TIMPF: Answer my question. Answer my question. So, he deserves no blame for someone saying you can't trust him on how to report about terror, when he himself has inaccurately reported about terror? He deserves no blame?

FITTON: Because he has made one mistake reporting about a terrorist attack that seemed like a terrorist attack? The idea that the president of the United States therefore can't be trusted on any reporting or confirmation of terrorist activities is not true!

TIMPF: I didn't say that. I didn't say that, I'm saying -- I didn't say he should never be trusted. I'm just saying -- so, you're saying he deserves no blame?


ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): Eboni, what was the big deal that if one time he called something a terror attack that happened not to be? In the meantime, he reaches out when he tweets or social -- hits social media, 110 million people get the message.


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