Donald Trump Spouts Climate Denial Without Rebuttal On MSNBC's Morning Joe

Trump: “I Think It's Weather ... There Could Be Some Man-Made Something.”

From the September 17 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS' RICHARD HAAS: The pope is going to be coming to this country in a couple of days and one of the issues he's really made central to his own period in office is climate change. Last night there was some conversation about it. People talked about George Schultz and a carbon tax, other people have other ideas. Where do you come out? How seriously do you take it? What do you think the United States ought to be doing about it?

DONALD TRUMP: Yeah, I consider climate change to be not one of our big problems. I consider it to be not a big problem at all. I think it's weather, I think it's weather changes. There could be some man-made something, but, you know, if you look at China, they're doing nothing about it and other countries are doing nothing about it. It's a big planet. I do not view -- I view climate change as being -- the big problem we have is nuclear climate change. That's what our climate change is and that's our problem. And I'm a little surprised Putin is doing it. I don't believe Putin is a believer at all. Putin is doing it for his own economic advantage, if he is actually in favor of climate change.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: John Heilemann in California, John.


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