Donald Trump Lies About Relationship With Roger Stone

Donald Trump dishonestly claimed he has “nothing to do with” his longtime ally Roger Stone and feigned ignorance of Stone’s anti-Clinton book The Clintons’ War on Women. But Trump and Stone have an ongoing, decades-long association, and Trump previously promoted and praised Stone’s book.

The Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi wrote a May 13 piece noting that Trump’s attacks on the Clintons are coming from “Hillary fan fiction” and “the exhaustive works of longtime acquaintances of Donald Trump who, intentionally or not, have written the foundational texts for the Republican nominee’s case against Hillary Clinton.” Nuzzi wrote that Stone’s book amounts “to a treasure trove of opposition research for Trump.”

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd tweeted that she asked Trump about the article’s contentions and Trump distanced himself from Stone’s book. “I have nothing to do with Roger Stone, he doesn’t work for me. What did he do? He did a book?” Trump reportedly told Dowd.

Stone responded to Dowd by tweeting, “deniability.”

Trump’s response is yet another lie from the candidate. He's frequently collaborated with Stone and knows all about his book.

In October, Trump tweeted a link to the page for Stone’s book and commented, “The latest book on Hillary—Wow, a really tough one!”

Trump alluded to the book and its claims during a January Fox News appearance. Sean Hannity asked Trump about calling Hillary Clinton an “enabler” for former President Bill Clinton, who Trump called “one of the great woman abusers of all time.” Trump relied that “a major book's been written about it, and it's a book that's a very well respected book. And it was not a pretty picture, what she did.”

Stone and Trump are longtime friends and associates. Stone said he’s known Trump for “almost 40 years” and that the business magnate “went to my wedding when I got married. I went to two out of three of his weddings.” Stone also spent many years working as a Trump lobbyist, chaired his 2000 presidential exploratory committee, and worked for Trump’s campaign last year. Stone also introduced and recommended top Trump campaign aide Paul Manafort to the candidate. Stone himself said he talks to Trump on a “semi-regular basis.”

While speaking on the show of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Trump said Stone is “a good guy" and “a patriot” and that “he’s been so loyal and so wonderful.” After Stone was banned from CNN for making disgusting remarks, Trump tweeted: “#RogerStone was just banned by @CNN - their loss! Tough, loyal guy.”