Donald Trump Kicks Off “Thank You Tour” By Attacking “The Extremely Dishonest Press”

Trump's Regular Attacks On The Media Were A Centerpiece Of His Campaign

From a December 1 Donald Trump rally: 

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DONALD TRUMP: Remember when they said, “he cannot win North Carolina?” So we had just won Ohio, Iowa, and we had just won Florida. “Breaking news Donald Trump has won Florida.” They're saying, “whoa.” And we won it big. But then the people back there, the extremely dishonest press, said -- right? Very dishonest people. How about -- I mean how dishonest. How about when a major anchor, who hosted a debate started crying when she realized that we won? How about that? Tears. No, tell me this isn't true. And you know what she doesn't understand? Things are going to be much better now. She doesn't understand. I mean, think of it. We won in a landslide. That was a landslide. And we didn't have the press. The press was brutal. 


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