Donald Trump Accuses The Press Of “Racially Profiling” For Reporting On His Anti-Semitic Tweet

Trump: “It Turned Out To Be In The Minds Of The Press Only, Because It Could Have Been A Sheriff's Star”

From a July 6 Donald Trump campaign event in Cincinnati, Ohio:

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DONALD TRUMP: CNN over the weekend, I'll give you an example. So one of my guys, who is married to a Jewish woman -- this is a very fine person, Dan Scavino. He put out a tweet talking about crooked Hillary Clinton. And on the tweet was a star. It's a star, like a star. And I said, oh, because when I looked at it, I didn't think anything. All of a sudden, it turned out to be in the minds of the press only, because it could have been a sheriff's star, could have been a regular star. My boy comes home from school, Barron. He draws stars all over the place. I never said, oh, that's the Star of David, Barron, don't. So it's a star. Have you all seen this? It's a star. And it actually looks like a sheriff's star, but I don't know. And behind it, they had money. Oh, but there's money behind it. So actually, they're racially profiling. They're profiling, not us. Because why are they bringing this up? Why do they bring it up? 


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