Discussing Trump Returns, Univision Points Out That Undocumented Immigrants Pay Taxes But Don't Get Benefits

Univision's Luis Megid: “Undocumented Immigrants Who Trump Wants To Deport Contribute More Than $12 Billion Annually … Even Though In Return They Cannot Receive Benefits”

From the October 3 edition of Univision's Noticiero Univision:

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Translated transcript:

JORGE RAMOS (CO-HOST): In what many consider to be a great irony, it's possible that Donald Trump has not paid taxes for 18 years. This we cannot verify because he has not his tax returns made known. Nevertheless, what we do know is that undocumented immigrants who he wants to deport from the country have paid some $12 billion annually in taxes. This is equivalent to 8 percent of the total that the country collected. Luis Megid spoke to some immigrants who contribute.

LUIS MEGID (CORRESPONDENT): It's something nobody enjoys but the majority accepts. Every month, millions of workers share part of their payment checks with the government. That's why when Hillary Clinton suggested in the debate that her opponent probably didn't pay his taxes, Donald Trump's answer saying that that makes him smart was not received well by many.


ANA ALMENDAREZ: Because I say we all work and we all have to pay taxes. And someone who has a lot of money and doesn't pay them, then you have to ask what happens with us?


MEGID: Ana Almendarez is used to paying. As an independent contractor, she can deduct little to nothing. 


ALMENDAREZ: Especially for people who don't have dependents, they take a lot of money. So there should be some type of reform. 


MEGID: It's no secret that many tax laws written by Congress tend to favor some more than others. Some analysts say that Trump is someone who takes advantage of this most. 


CARLOS AUSEJO (TAX ANALYST): What makes him different from other people is his professional status as a real estate developer. It allows him to deduct amounts that other people cannot deduct.


MEGID: In the 2012 campaign, Donald Trump said that half of Americans do not pay taxes, taking advantage of the government and flooding the country with debt. If it is true that almost half of Americans do not pay income taxes, this doesn't mean that they don't pay other types of taxes.


AUSEJO: If you're an employee, you're paying for social security, you're paying for Medicare, you're paying unemployment. 


MEGID: Indeed, The truth is that sources from the government say that undocumented immigrants who Trump wants to deport contribute more than $12 billion annually in social security, even though in return they cannot receive benefits. 


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