David Brock: “The Media Narrative Has Been There Are Two Donald Trumps,” But “We Know Who He Is”

From a September 26 ABC News Politics' Facebook Live broadcast:

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RICK KLEIN (HOST): David, you hinted at this, I think a moment earlier, and we've heard another concern from the Clinton campaign is that Donald Trump will kind of be boring, that he'll go out there and try not to say outrageous things, no nicknames, Secretary Clinton this, very cordial, won't be stretching the truth. How much of a problem would that be for Hillary Clinton if you see kind of a different Donald Trump than we did at the other debates?

DAVID BROCK: Yeah, I think it could present a problem because you have the Godzilla Donald Trump, the Xanax Donald Trump. If the Xanax one shows up, OK, it's a problem because the media narrative has been there are two Donald Trumps. I think that was not great for Hillary. There's only one Donald Trump. We know he's on the record, he's been on the record for more than a year, and we know who he is. And I don't have to get into characterizing it negatively, but we know who he is. So this idea that there's a dual one and suddenly he becomes presidential because he was able to do some studying for a change, I don't think washes.


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