David Brock Explains How NY Times Editorial Correctly Highlights Trump Pandering To LGBT Community, While Undermining Their Rights

Brock: “Trump Has Nothing To Offer Gay People”

From the June 15 edition of CNN's Tonight with Don Lemon:

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DAVID BROCK: Well look, I mean, I think the reality is that most gay people are going to support the candidate who wants to bring us together and not rip us apart. And I think it's really sickening that as the country is mourning what happened in Orlando, that Donald Trump is out there somehow in a weird pandering for gay support, saying what he said today.

The reality is that this is somebody who is an open racist, who is a sexist, I can't imagine gays supporting that kind of bigotry. And then on the issues, on our own rights, Donald Trump has said that he would put judges on the Supreme Court that would reverse marriage equality, that he would rescind President Obama's executive orders. When he goes to right-wing evangelical groups, he talks about quote “Religious Liberty,” which is code for legal discrimination. So, Donald Trump has nothing to offer gay people, I don't believe.

LEMON: So, he said that Hillary Clinton was a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to gay rights. Is he accurate about that? She did evolve on the issue after the president evolved on the issue.

BROCK: Absolutely he's not right about that. The reality there is that when Secretary Clinton was on the world stage, she took the world stage and said gay rights are human rights. She fought as Secretary of State against the regimes that do discriminate and tolerate or encourage tolerance against gays. And, you know, it came up in your last segment about the Clinton Foundation -- the reality there is that, you know, in one day, because of what the Clinton Foundation has done in cutting the costs of AIDS drugs in Africa, the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons have done more for gay people than Donald Trump has done in his entire life.


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