David Brock: Donald Trump's Debate Strategy Was “Going Tabloid” And “Doubling Down On This 'Alt-Right' Base”

Brock: This Strategy “Made Me Wonder, Is Donald Trump Really In This To Be President, Or Is He Trying To Monetize This For Some Breitbart TV Network?”

From the October 10 edition of CNN's At This Hour with Berman and Bolduan:

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KATE BOLDUAN (CO-HOST): I have some notes from someone on the call as well, very similar to what Manu had, he's not going to defend Donald Trump or campaign with him for the next 30 days. That is not showing support, John Jay LaValle. Basically, what I hear, that's Paul Ryan saying it's over. 


SCOTTIE NELL HUGHES: First of all, Paul Ryan ever defended Donald Trump? We heard the first -- he has had no help. In fact, we have seen -- 

KRYSTAL BALL: He was supposed to campaign with him this weekend.

HUGHES: Well, and exactly. And when he went there and Donald Trump wasn't there he got booed, he got heckled. There has been a large disconnect between Washington, D.C. and the people. These campaigns this year is all about being the anti-establishment, anti-status quo, something that Paul Ryan represents. This does no damage to Donald Trump. If anything, this actually helps. In fact, thank you, Paul Ryan, if you are not going to help us, good luck. I think Mr. Trump is going to need a solid House. And as you learned by [Rep.] Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) in his primary who went against Donald Trump, Tim Huelskamp packing up his box and going home. This is not going to work. Donald Trump is going to motivate people in November to the races. And the fact if people lose, if the House members lose, it's not because of Donald Trump, it's because they didn't represent their voters for the last two years. 

BOLDUAN: David, your take on this.

DAVID BROCK: Well, I think from what we just heard here, which is basically an attack from a Trump supporter on Paul Ryan, what we're seeing is a real cleavage in the Republican party. And I think it goes to what Donald Trump's strategy was last night and why the speaker is recognizing reality this morning cutting him loose. That strategy last night of going tabloid, of calling Hillary Clinton to go to jail, was doubling down on this “alt-right” base strategy, and it made me wonder, is Donald Trump really in this to be president, or is he trying to monetize this for some Breitbart TV network because that's who he appealed to last night, the Clinton haters in his base. 


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