Dana Perino Exposes Fox Colleague For “Pandering” To Donald Trump To Get On Celebrity Apprentice

Perino To Eric Bolling: “You've Been Trying To Close The Deal For Years For You To Be On Celebrity Apprentice”

From the June 17 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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PERINO: Do you actually think that somebody on stage, say Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, whoever Ted Cruz, take your pick, that they should, on the debate stage the moderator should say, “Mr. Rubio, Trump says that he's going to bring back all the jobs from China. How do you respond?” And like the candidates are supposed to respond to that? How actually is Donald Trump going to bring back all the jobs from China? And here's the thing for him. This is where the rubber meets the road. He's now a declared candidate. So when you say stuff like “I think Oprah should be the vice president,” sure. Well, actually now you're going to have to be back up on it. So in the morning then you have to go on Fox & Friends and go “well, wait, I didn't really mean that.” What I meant to say was. And it's just a totally different ball game. 

BOLLING: How's this? Every one of the debate moderators that are looking forward to that moment where they can say, “Mr. Trump said this.” How do you respond, Rand? Or how do you respond, Marco, or Jeb? And everyone in America is going to go wait let me see what Jeb says about what he says. 

WILLIAMS: This is all entertainment.


BOLLING:  No. Because then they will want to know what Jeb says. 

PERINO: How would you answer that? How would you say, how would you bring back all the jobs from China? 

BOLLING: First of all, I don't know that Donald ever said he'll bring back all the jobs from China. 

PERINO: He said it in his speech yesterday. 

BOLLING: But, you can certainly bring back some of the jobs. 

PERINO: And covering up for him is actually wrong. And I understand that you have a deal that you're trying to work on with him. I saw the Twitter last night. I just don't see how that's any different than how another journalist is actually pandering when you said you've been trying to close the deal for years for you to be on Celebrity Apprentice. 

BOLLING: Oh, my god. You actually think that I -- I've been friendly with Donald Trump for 15 years.

PERINO: You're the one that was shouting it from the rooftop yesterday. 

BOLLING: Are you actually saying you're going to accuse me of saying that Donald Trump has some good ideas that are resonating with America because I want to be on Celebrity Apprentice? Please tell me that's not the case.

PERINO: I am saying it. 

BOLLING: I will tell you unequivocally that is not the case I can't be on Celebrity Apprentice anyway. I'm a host at Fox News. I'm not allowed to. 


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