Dana Loesch: New Trump Chief Executive Bannon Is “One Of The Worst People On God's Green Earth” 

From the August 17 edition of Radio America's The Dana Show:

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DANA LOESCH: When I heard the news this morning that Paul Manafort was basically demoted, Kellyanne Conway seems like a very pleasant person, I don't have any experience with her, I think I've met her once or twice. But the campaign CEO that was just installed this morning I do have experience with, and I actually know quite well. And I will say that one of the worst, most hellacious years of my entire life involved this individual. And I have to question whether or not the campaign is sincere about winning a victory against Hillary Clinton by instituting someone like this as the CEO of the campaign.  I also have to question what we as conservatives expect from our media. Andrew [Breitbart] was one of my dearest friends. I talked to him an hour before he died. And that his -- everything that he stood for was against an incestuous media. 
This is a different story for me. Because I went through a very personal hellacious period in my life brought on by someone's idiocy. So this is has taken a bit of a turn and I'm not quite sure how to approach it to be honest with you. But all I know is one of the worst people on God's green earth was just instituted as the chairman and CEO of the Trump campaign. And if you are, as I am, not wanting to see Hillary Clinton in the White House, you need to seriously, seriously be concerned about that.