Dan Rather On Comey Dismissal: “What We Have Here Is Clearly A Cover-Up”

Rather: “President Trump And Those Around Have Have Something To Hide”

From the May 10 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight with Don Lemon

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DAN RATHER: It was clearly about the Russia investigation. Look, this has echoes of the Nixon administration. There's a Nixonian tone increasingly enveloping this. Because, keep in mind, it wasn't so much the crimes, there were crimes that President Nixon and those around him committed, it was the attempted cover-up that spelled the end for Richard Nixon. Now, what we have here is clearly a cover-up. It may not be a cover-up for anything very important, on the other hand, the question of whether a hostile power got deeply involved in American presidential politics is clearly much bigger than anything that happened in Watergate, which only dealt with domestic crimes, if you will, but this is about the cover-up. President Trump and those around him have something to hide. It may not be something criminal. You have to ask yourself, “what is it they're trying to hide?” Because they're in a desperate cover-up mode at the moment. There's a question of absolutely obstruction of justice. You know, Don, I think it's worth remembering that we have carved in stone in our buildings in Washington around the country “Equal justice under the law.,” and whether you're a kid in Watts accused of dealing dope or stealing hub caps, a president of the United States is supposed to equal justice under the law. What President Trump is trying to do is get unequal justice for himself. He wants to kill off this Russian investigation and that's the reason he fired Comey.


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