Daily Beast Editor: Trump's “Cynical Ploy” To Tweet About Egyptian Plane Like How He “Capitalize[d]” On Paris Attacks

Christopher Dickey: The Paris Attacks “Helped Launch Trump” Because He “Could Capitalize” On Terror Fears

From the May 19 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe

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MIKA BRZEZINSKI (CO-HOST): We don't know what caused this flight to vanish, crash, according to the president of France. But this does impact the conversation on terrorism, Donald Trump tweeting, and this race, which I'm sure is being watched around the world.

CHRISTOPHER DICKEY: Well sure. In fact, the tragedies in Paris, particularly in November, helped launch Trump. He could capitalize on that, on the death of all those people, and say, “We can't let that happen in America and we're going to do all kinds of things, including banning Muslims to stop it from happening.” We were talking earlier off air, wouldn't it have been appropriate for him to tweet some condolences for the people killed? But he's playing to an American audience and there were no Americans killed, as far as we know. If one had been on board that plane he probably would have called up the relatives. This is a very cynical ploy by Trump but we've gotten used to that I think.


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