Conservative Radio Host Slams Trump Campaign’s “Weapons Grade Incompetence” Over Melania Trump Speech Plagiarism Scandal

Charlie Sykes: “Part Of It Is This Campaign’s Addiction To Telling Things That Are Untrue”

From the July 20 edition of MSNBC’s The Place for Politics 2016:

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CHARLIE SYKES: There's incompetence and then there's weapons grade incompetence which is then compounded by sending out all of these staffers to spin these ridiculous -- it’s My Little Pony and all of this, and everything. So it’s a legitimate question, so what were they thinking when they actually said to Sean Spicer, go out there, Chris Christie, go out there, deny that it’s plagiarism when everybody knew that it was. So a part of it is this campaign’s addiction to telling things that are untrue but also their unwillingness ever to admit OK we screwed up, we made a mistake.


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