Conservative Editor Ben Howe Slams Trump: Hillary Clinton Better Than “Having A Maniac In The Oval Office”

RedState's Howe: “The Sociopathic Part Of Him, I Think, Believes Himself. He Says These Lies And He Also Believes Them”

From the May 4 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): For you how much -- there's sort of two categories I feel like for the “Never Trump” folks, there's a kind of critique of his temperament and disposition personality. I mean people that just think he’s essentially a liar, a scoundrel, lacks the judgment as a person in terms of his character, and then there's this sort of ideological critique which is this guy isn't a true conservative and doesn't actually oppose abortion or he doesn't actually want to restrain government. What is it for you?

BEN HOWE: Well, the ideological component is tied into the fact that I think he's a pathological sociopath. I don't think he actually holds any beliefs. I think that he holds rallies and whatever he needs to say at that rally is whatever he’s going to say. If you watched when he talked about McCain, when he said he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he got captured, I like people that don't get captured, and five seconds later -- once the crowd wasn’t with him -- five seconds later he's backtracking on what he said and pretending that he was always saying it that way. He just lies immediately. The sociopathic part of him, I think, believes himself. He says these lies and he also believes them. It's dumbfounding and it’s frightening and that's one of the reasons that as much as Hillary Clinton doesn't represent anything that I believe, as much as she's exactly the opposite of what I've been looking for in a presidential candidate, I’ve got to believe that she -- even if she just represented the status quo would be better than having a maniac in the Oval Office. And that's what Donald Trump is, he's a maniac.


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