Conservative Charlie Sykes: Trump's White House Is Becoming “An Alternative Reality Administration”

Sykes: “We Have A President Who Is Deeply Engaged With Some Of These Conspiracy Theories” 

From the January 24 edition of MSNBC's The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

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BRIAN WILLIAMS (HOST): Charlie, I have always said about you we've had a lot of guests on the air during this campaign season, a lot of people where you're sitting at the desk who have changed. They've changed before our eyes who they are and what they believe in. You are a very loyal Republican from the mid-Western U.S. And during that montage at the top of the broadcast, I was watching you too, and you were nodding no. You find this highly disturbing. 

CHARLIE SYKES: Well it is disturbing. And first of all, yes, it's a distraction and yes obviously it's a lie about the numbers. But this is really not about the numbers anymore and it's really not about voter fraud. It's about the whole concept of reality, and about truth and about whether or not this administration is in fact going to be an alternative reality administration. We have a president who is deeply engaged with some of these conspiracy theories. So I'm not sure that there's a strategy here. It's more like an obsession that they cannot stop. Here you have a president of the United States that calls Alex Jones from InfoWars the week after the election. And the fact that Sean Spicer apparently is not able to push back, that he seems to think that it's a legitimate argument to say well the president believes it, as if somehow what the president believes makes it factual, which is does not. This is a real problem for this administration and I've got to imagine that there are people in the White House who are just tearing their hair out right now by the way in which this story is stepping on the president's agenda. 


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