CNN's Wolf Blitzer Fact-Checks GOP Congressman’s Conspiracy That George Soros Controls Voting Machines 

Blitzer Says The Soros Speculation “Sounds Conspiratorial”

From the October 27 edition of CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

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WOLF BLITZER (HOST): The Texas authorities say the tablet, the electronic voting machine --it's working fine, but people are -- some people are making some mistakes. Human error they say, they're not necessarily following the instructions, when they get -- but it's not big, they say. There's been a few problems like that. But they're not suggesting it's a big problem. 

REP. SEAN DUFFY(R-WI): And one other point on that, these are articles that I've read, I haven't verified them but we've heard that one of George Soros' companies has provided some of the machines for some of the states. And obviously Mr. Soros leans left. I haven't personally verified that yet. But again I think we want to make sure that these voting machines and systems are free of politics and policy, because this great American system, this election, is based on the trust of the American people. And I don't think we want to undermine that trust in our electoral process. 

BLITZER: We have to take a quick break. It's Republican officials in Texas that are saying this is not a big problem with these voting tablets, if you will. And that George Soros issue, that's an unconfirmed rumor certainly that has spread out there. But there's -- we have not been able to confirm that by any means, that the machines maybe that his company is building are designed to help Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump for that matter. That sounds conspiratorial.


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