CNN's Stelter: With Trump Having Breitbart Executive On Campaign “We're Going To See The Most Fringy Ideas” “Bubble Up”

Brian Stelter: With Steve Bannon's Hire, “Nothing Is Off Limits Now” For Trump's Campaign

From the August 17 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): This is not just about personnel. Roger Stone, Roger Ailes, and now Steve Bannon, having them all involved in Trump's head is basically in Italian what we do this, to the party, to the big insiders. That's what just happened. 

ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): I speak that language. That means, “I don't care what you think.” 


CUOMO: It sounds like from this, especially with a Breitbart guy. Breitbart is scorched Earth, win at all costs. And by costs, we mean the worst things they can do. Now that's who's in his ear? What can that mean for building a coalition? 

DAVID CHALIAN: Well but again, if it is -- Clinton is X, Y, Z. That could be beneficial to Donald Trump. That's a lot better than taking on a Gold Star family or going after Judge Curiel or responding to some personal insult that has gotten Donald Trump upset. If indeed it is a daily fight geared towards Hillary Clinton, if that's what's in his ear, that could prove to -- 

CUOMO: This is an outlet that says, “CNN is Hitler.” You think that kind of stuff coming out of Donald Trump's mouth is going to help him? 

BRIAN STELTER: I mean some of these men are masters of the dark arts, of political dark arts. And that's what people should understand, for example, about Steve Bannon. When I saw this news overnight, my first thought was, OK, nothing is off limits now. Nothing in this campaign is off limits now. We're going to see the most fringy ideas, the most right-wing ideas bubble up to the surface in a way we haven't even seen before in this election. 

CHALIAN: And we saw what he was doing with Hillary Clinton's health recently, bringing that back into the fray. 

STELTER: That's the kind of conspiracy theory that starts in what I would call the fever swamps of the right-wing. It bubbles up on Twitter and Facebook, and on sites like Breitbart, eventually reaches Sean Hannity, and then reaches Donald Trump. And we're going to see more of those. I mean it's only August. I can't imagine what they'll be saying by October. 


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