CNN's Smerconish: Right-Wing Media Helped Craft Trump's Plan To Ban Muslim Immigration

Michael Smerconish: Conservative Talk Radio And Cable News Personalities Have “Created An Environment Where People Are Comfortable Expressing These Kind Of Sentiments”

From the December 8 edition of CNN's New Day:

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MICHAEL SMERCONISH: Trump has said other things like we should kill the family members of ISIS, we should keep a database, and so forth. So it's in keeping with his character. The other point that I think needs to be made when you talk about those type of statements: who's ecstatic today? ISIS, right? Because ISIS casts this as a religious war. And so when Donald Trump said we're not letting Muslims --

CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): Well a lot of people in this country are happy too. We're seeing the reaction. I think that, you know, last night when this came out, ordinarily, I have a tendency to directly challenge what Donald Trump does, and I've learned that that brings out his supporters. Last night I said, well, you know, maybe it offends sensibilities, but this is where a lot of people are. They're afraid. And there was a huge wave of rejection to it and only now we're starting to see people say I am afraid. I don't want the muslims here. So I think that he's going to have his base respond in his favor. The question is, is it enough for him?


SMERCONISH: Well wait a minute, Chris. He's fomented that fear. I mean, it's because of statements like guys such as Trump or, frankly, the leadership of the GOP. And I'm talking about talk radio heads and cable television personalities, because that's where they get their direction. That's where they get their guidance and advice. They've created an environment where people are comfortable expressing these kind of sentiments.



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