CNN's Sally Kohn Points Out That Republican Party Platform Fails Trump's “Ideological Test” Immigration Policy 

Kohn: Republicans “Want To Use Gay Rights And Women's Rights ... As A Fig Leaf To Bash Muslims”

From the August 15 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom:

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CAROL COSTELLO (HOST): So Sally, you're strong supporter of gay rights and gender equality. Does Trump's plan -- does part of Trump's plan resonate with you? 

SALLY KOHN: I don't have enough strong words that I can use on television to express what I'm feeling right now, but if we're going to start doing an ideological test and not allow into this country people who don't support gender equality and LGBT rights then, I don't know, how about the entire Republican party platform committee that voted to say that it should be OK to send your kids to anti-gay, destructive, homophobic conversion therapy. Why don’t we get rid of them? Just one example. I'm sorry, this whole using, suddenly the Republican party -- 

BORIS EPSHTEYN: Now you want to get rid of citizens of this country?

KOHN: Want to use gay rights and women's rights, not to actually give gay rights and women's rights to people in this country, but simply as a fig leaf to bash Muslims. 

EPSHTEYN: Sally is missing a very key point here -- letting people from outside and citizens in this country. 

KOHN: Let me be clear. There are Muslims in this world, including in this country, who are far better on gay rights and women's rights than many of the people in the Republican party. So let's be clear about that. I'm all for the test, but you know, let's -- who do we apply it to?


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