CNN's pro-Trump shill Jeffrey Lord: Trump would “have a huge political advantage” if he fired Russia investigator

Lord calls former FBI director and Trump/Russia special counsel Robert Mueller “the establishment personified”

From the July 20 edition of CNN's New Day

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (HOST): Are [special counsel] Bob Mueller and Attorney General Jeff Sessions going to survive this administration, this term?

JEFFREY LORD: I think the attorney general will. I'm not so sure about Bob Mueller. 

CAMEROTA: You think that President [Donald] Trump could fire him?

LORD: Yeah. Yeah, I mean this is your basic anti-establishment candidate. Mr. Mueller is the establishment personified. The whole game here with the leaked Comey memo to get him appointed in the first place. Things of that nature just reek of insiderdom here, and I don't think the president has a lot of patience with it. 

CAMEROTA: And what do you think the timeline on that would be? 

LORD: I honestly don't know, Alisyn, I honestly don't know. But do I think it could happen? Yes, I do. Because Mr. Mueller would be turned into a symbol of not just this investigation, but of the Washington establishment and boy, once you go there, the president would have a huge political advantage. 

CAMEROTA: Paul, last word.

PAUL BEGALA: Washington establishment? He's not a lobbyist, he's a career prosecutor who has given all the best years of his life to serving his country, to investigate, arrest, and imprison bad guys. And to protect us from terrorists. He's a really admirable man. And this notion is appalling that this president does believe he's different, he's above the rule of law. And he's not. And this would be a great constitutional crisis if he fires Mr. Mueller because we need to know the truth. Is our president selling out our country to Russia? 


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