CNN's New Day Hosts Blame Fox For Trump Ditching Their Debate

John Berman And Brian Stelter: Fox Is Not Taking The High Road With Their Response To Trump, This Might Be A Stumbling Moment For Fox

From the January 27 edition of CNN's New Day:

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BRIAN STELTER: That's the Fox point of view here, that this is a cynical calculation by Trump. That he's just using Megyn Kelly as an excuse. The idea he never wanted to be at this debate in the first place, and now he has a reason not to show up. 

JOHN BERMAN: Brian, they're acting like an aggrieved party here. When they put out a statement yesterday, which let's be fair, it's not the high road when you're talking about the Ayatollah and other things. This is not --

STELTER: They were mocking Trump. 

BERMAN: They were mocking Trump. Do they now -- and you've been working your sources on this -- do you sense any regret over that? 

STELTER: You know, there's two theories here. One theory is that these men are geniuses, that Roger Ailes and Donald Trump are geniuses. That they're playing three dimensional chess, and that we barely know what's going on. The other theory is they're stumbling around in the dark like the rest of us. I think this might be one of those stumbling around moments, not so much for Donald Trump but for Fox. That statement was not intended to provoke Trump to leave the debate stage. 


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